Bayu Suci Profile

IMG-20160320-WA000As a human, we have three aspect of life; Raga (Body), Akal (Mind) and Mental/Spiritual (Soul). Therefore a person is deemed healthy if those three aspects works in harmony and balance. Being Phyisically healthy is reflected on a healthy body and a strong physique. A healthy Mind (Akal) is reflected in a person’s way of thinking in his or her ability to express their emotions such as fear, joy, anxiousness, sadness, etc. A healthy Spirit (Jiwa) is reflected by how someone is able to express gratitude, grace, and faith upon a Greater Power which is God. In the pursuit of achieving harmony and balance continuous training in these three aspects Body, Mind, and Soul (Raga, Akal, dan Jiwa) is truly necessary.
The Bayu Suci is an independent familly institution that is based on the concept of harmony and balance between Body, Mind and Soul. In order to achieve harmony and balance the perguruan Bayu Suci combines classic and modern techniques. These methods include Pencak Silat (Physical Silat), Pernapasan (Breathing Method), Semedi (Spiritual Meditation), combined with NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis from the modern world.
Why family as opposed to a formal institution? Because Bayu Suci isn’t merely a group of people training together, members of Bayu Suci are tied through the bond of understanding and standing as a unity that is essential and with the will to build together and help each other to grow in their own way while in doing so also strengthening the family itself.
In the effort to preserve the teaching and methods of his family and to create a future generation that is both intelligent and able to aprreciate arts, Noeryanto A. Dhipuro built his school of Bayu Suci on June 6th 2006 (06/06/06) in Semarang. This date also correlates to the birt date of the Founding Father of Indonesia, Soekarno. He is an idol and inspiration to the Guru Besar (Grand Master) and the founder of Bayu Suci spiritually and intelectually. The number 6 on the date, month, and year when added together is 18 which is 17+1. 17 Symbolizes the number of Sholat (Muslim daily Prayer) and one as the symbol of an Individual giving his all to God. Therefore, teachings in Bayu Suci is designed to help a person to achieve a higher spiritual understanding of God in it’s entirety.
As a founder, Noeryanto is a descendant from Makassar and Ponorogo. From Wengker (Ponorogo) he inherited the classic forms of “Singo Barong” and “Songgo Langit”. And from Makassar he inherited breathing methods. And his academic background from the Pesantren gave him a touch of classical traditional teaching synergized a modern method. Thats why, Ajaran Bayu Suci is highly influenced by Pencak Silat from Makassar and Ponorogo.
One of the standards of learning is determined by a disciple’s level. First is Murid Luar (Outer Disciple), which are disciples which came only to study what he/she needs or wants to learn. Second is Murid Dalam (Inner Disciple), which are disciples who is listed as a member and studies under the Bayu Suci Curriculum. Third is the Murid Keluarga (Family Disciple) for those special individuals that specializes in specific teachings of Bayu Suci and is given the rights to develop the teachings outside the formal organization. As of now Bayu Suci is ever growing in the city of Malang under the guidance of Guru Noeryanto A. Dhipuro.

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